Don’t Let Television Tell The Story of College

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: our generation (and generations before) have taken the aspect of “education” out of the term “higher education” and replaced it with a false sense of belonging. Now, I’m not, to say the least, attempting to turn you off from college. College is an absolutely wonderful experience when you make it a wonderful experience.

My first year in college was not a totally wonderful experience and I think it’s because I held myself back from a lot of things. I also stuck to my guns and stayed true and held firm in what I believed. However, the temptation to give in to the pressures around you are totally real and should not be taken lightly. Some examples:
In college, not all sorority girls are preppy and rich (and white, let’s be real), and not all fraternity boys are rich, white, athletes, etc. Greek life is pretty diverse and it also isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will be able to really gain fulfillment from being in a sorority or fraternity and that’s okay.
You’ll probably find it impossible, especially in your first year, to balance your social life and your academic life. Not everyone has it together (most don’t, if we’re honest with ourselves). It’s okay to admit that.
College food can be incredibly unhealthy and most days you’re really not going to have a choice in what you eat.
Not everything is fair and there’s not justice in college. You just go through it, and it’s okay to just go through it.
The WiFi won’t work sometimes (okay, most times, let’s be honest).
Some residence halls don’t have elevators. Most have many, MANY floors. Be careful on those.
You’ll want to go home and forget about school at every chance you get if you become the broken student that I became at college.
College is no joke. It is so serious and has the ability to either set you free or make you feel stuck and trapped. It has the ability to liberate you and create happiness or make you feel like a miserable shell of a person. It can make you or break you.
Don’t forget, not everyone graduates fromm college. Something around half of students in your freshman class will not make it to graduation. Make college you bitch, remembering that college is not what it is in the movies and television shows.
I once wrote:
“College isn’t all rainbows and butterflies: it’s hard work. It’s late nights studying for a subject you absoultely hate. It’s nights alone in your room while your roomate is out with your significant other feeling jealous that you can’t have that at this moment in life. It’s laying there wondering if you’ll ever be able to mentally move on from that bad grade. It’s breaking up at the absolute worst time in your life. It’s freaking out because you forgot an assignment that was worth a lot of poins.
“However, it’s also thsoe afternoons where your roommate and their significant other are talking and laughing and joking about everything under the sun with you.. It’s quiet nights looking up at the stars wondering where life is taking you at that moment It’s getting that perfec grade you worked for weeks to achieve. It’s going to that party and jumping out of your comfort zone.”
College is nothinng like the movies It’s deeper. It’s much more than what movies, television, and social media can provide for you.
You have to experience that for yourself.

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