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How Do I Manage to Do The Things I Want to Do?

Everyone asks, “Sarah: how do you manage to get everything you want to do done during the day?”

The answer I want to give is, “I don’t suck, that’s why.” But, alas, that is a lie. I do suck. Especially in April and November.

I’m human, so I do things like procrastinate, whine about my assignments, and put things off until the pressure of a deadline becomes a greater motivator than the pressure of the assignment to begin with. I’m human. Things like that happen. 

However, I’m starting to develop a routine where I can get everything done and still have a lot of free time. I have to look for things to do most days. Due to my hypothyrdoidism, I have to be very mindful of how much I am doing, how much time I am devoting to tasks, how much sleep I get at night, what foods I put into my body, and so forth. While I will save healthy eating and studying for another time, I’m going to devote this time to telling you of some ways to manage your time and increase your productivity during your study hours.

Keep A Planner

Nothing is more important tha haing you dates, times, and assignments completely organized in a way that YOU can understand it. Whether you purchase a huge planner like I have, use Google Calendars, order a Passion Planner or a Happy Planner, or even simply create a planner using the Bullet Journal system, it is still important to just HAVE a system in place for organizing your assignments.

Don’t Download Apps You Won’t Use

Seriously. Nothing is more of a time waster than downloading a thousand pomodoro apps or creating accounts on studying websites when you know full and well that you won’t use them. If you want to really implement a technique like Pomodoro or anything else, but get distracted easily by your phone, use a Post-It note and simply write out little flags or boxes for each pomodoro cycle you complete.

Don’t Make Your Dadily List Unmanageably Long

The biggest culprit of procrastination and migrating tasks for me is when my lists are unmanageable and my brain starts to flake out. Basically, when my brain flakes out, that typically means that my brain canno proccess anymore information, I cannot will it to work,, and I have to just quit for the day. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a side effect of my hormonal condition. You may not have what I have, but you probably have the same side effect: information overload, foggy brain, or you’re just too exhausted. In that case, make your lists short and achievable so that you don’t end up having to migrate over to the days ahead.

Mediate/Yoga Beforehand

Nothing says “relax” like doing yoga or even meditating. Doing either of  these can result in an open, relaxed mind. Simply praying can also help clear your head and allow your brain to receive as much information as it will allow.

Organize Your Routine

Having an organized routine and making yourself disciplined in that routine is crucial to increasing your productivity while studying, revising, etc. My routine is simple: clear the desk, set up my laptop, turn on the lamp, prop up my textbook, have water nearby, then go. I could go two or three hours just like that. And, I only do that two or three days a week. Keeping a routine and having the discipline to stick to it is important in retaining information and using your time wisely.

No Migrating Tasks

Nothing says “procrastination” like migrating tasks you simply don’t want to do in that moment. You need to do them. Just buckle down and do it. If it’ll only take a moment or two and you’re just feeling too…ornery to do them, just take the few minues and complete the tasks. You’ll feel the pressure lift from you.

Establishing methods for increasing your productivity is key to knowledge retention as well as a stable sense of well being in both body and mind. Once you have something established, you’re going to feel a lot better about how you’re using your time and resources.


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