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10 Reasons Why Studygram Is Literally The Best

If you aren’t already aware, and that isn’t an easy thing to be, the term “studygram” comes from the mashing of the words “study” and “Instagram.” In other words, a “studygram” is an Instagram account dedicated solely to all things education (or tries to be, anyway). These accounts are run by students of all ages, from the middle school student all the way to post graduate and beyond. There are even variations for these kinds of accounts that deal strictly with literature, calligraphy, and bullet journaling.

This community is literally the best that there is. There is no other group more supportive than the students who are part of the studygram community. I have a lot of reasons why I think this community is the best, but I will give you my top ten:

1. You can literally watch yourself grow.

The whole purpose of Instagram is to post photos. In doing so, you can slowly watch yourself grow by simply scrolling through your profile and seeing all of the posts you make. It’s mesmerizing seeing yourself grow into a whole new person.

2. You can customize yourself any way that you want

Part of the studygram aesthetic is that you can theme your posts however you’d like. You can have a color theme or a content theme, or you can do whatever you want with it. Studygram is fully yours if you want it, and you can do whatever you want to it.

3. The students who are part of this community are so supportive

You can never go wrong with a group of hundreds and thousands of students coming together to share advice, bounce inspiration from each other, and simply bring us up when we are down.

4. The notes are so *heart eyes emoji*

That may seem really dramatic, but seriously, studygram students are really creative with their work. The implement things like calligraphy and photography into their notes and bullet journals. Overall, the aesthetic is super pleasing and I’ve never once seen a bad looking post.

studygram 1

5. The different methods for studying are unbelievable

There are some methods that I had never even heard of before I started my studygram account. Mind maps? What are mind maps? How do you even do one? And the printables – man, I love using printables in my daily life.

6. You can see the effort that studygrammers put into creating their content

If you ever go through the Instagram story of a particular user, you can tell just how hard they work to make their content look as good as they want it. There’s nothing stopping any normal person from taking their posts from ordinary to great, but these students go above and beyond to not only create posts that are to their liking, but to their followers’ liking as well.

studygram 2

7. Studygrammers will tell you some of the best products to use in your studies

What I love most about this community is that if you put the question, “What is a good brand of brush pen to use?” out in the open, you’ll get many responses and you’ll be able to compile a great list of products to use.

studygram 3

8. Studygrammers are very open about injustices

Whenever our president has done something so incredibly stupid, or some sort of injustice around the world has happened, the community is not silent about it. Whether it is through their actual posts or through their Instagram stories, they speak up and out about what is going on around them and how they feel about it.

9. They are very honest and blunt.

Now, granted, they are usually pretty nice about things, but there are standards when it comes to studygram. One of those standards is that we shouldn’t lie or use studygram as a front for things. Another standard is just to be as open as you can (at least, most users are open about things).

10. You make some of the greatest friends through Studygram

I have met a lot of great people through my account on Instagram. I’ve been part of many group chats, and I get tagged in things all the time. I really feel like I have a place in this community and it’s incredible how inviting and positive everyone in this community is.

Overall, I wouldn’t trade my time in the studygram community for anything in the world. I love being able to be creative and make friends at the same time, even while studying and working hard in college. I can’t wait to see how much further we can go as a community.


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