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Messy Bed, Messy Head: The Importance of Clearing Your Head Before You Start Studying

You’ve all heard the saying: messy bed, messy head. This, of course, is referring to the fact that you should make your bed in the morning if you want to have an organized and productive day.

This applies to studying as well. Before you do anything with regard to studying, you must make your environment less messy. Whether it is cleaning your room, organizing your desk, washing your hair, anything. It doesn’t matter, truly, what steps you take to make your environment less messy, but it’s crucial to get yourself together before you sit down to study.

Think of it this way: if you were going to present your home, would you not clean it up first? With studying, and anything in life for that matter, it is the same thing. You would make sure that the environment was prepared for many people to see. In life, you have to prepare yourself for the thousands of people who will show up and see exactly what you have to offer.

Sure, there’s no guarantees and maybe a lot of people won’t show up for you. So what? I personally would rather be prepared for the off chance that someone shows up and shows you everything in life and also observes what you have to offer as well.

So, with studying, you must figure out how to clear things out so that your space and brain have the same amount of room to grow. You have to cleanse your environment so that your mind can be cleansed, open, and ready to receive knowledge.

Some things you could do before a study session are: pray, read, practice meditation, drink some tea, clean your room (a basic cleaning is fine), organize your desk, and much more.

Also, if you want to make your bed, I’ve got you covered as well!


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