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Balancing Studies with a Family Crisis

Having the ability to balance a family crisis with your studies is an important skill to have.

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It’s OK to Not Be Fine

I wake up every day at 7:45, lay there for a minute, and decide whether or not the day is even worth it. Yeah, I said it, sometimes I wonder if getting out of bed is worth the energy that it takes. On the days that I work, even if I don't feel like moving,… Continue reading It’s OK to Not Be Fine

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10 Reasons Why Studygram Is Literally The Best

If you aren't already aware, and that isn't an easy thing to be, the term "studygram" comes from the mashing of the words "study" and "Instagram." In other words, a "studygram" is an Instagram account dedicated solely to all things education (or tries to be, anyway). These accounts are run by students of all ages,… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Studygram Is Literally The Best