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The Semester is Over…Now What?

You've lasted through 5 months of exams, assignments, sleepless nights, caffeine overloads, probably some drinking, a LOT of crying, and stressing eating. Your healthy habits have gone to the wayside. Your hair is probably a week unwashed. BUT, you have taken your exams, and you have passed them (or failed them). What now? What do… Continue reading The Semester is Over…Now What?


Don’t Let Television Tell The Story of College

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: our generation (and generations before) have taken the aspect of "education" out of the term "higher education" and replaced it with a false sense of belonging. Now, I'm not, to say the least, attempting to turn you off from college. College is an absolutely wonderful experience… Continue reading Don’t Let Television Tell The Story of College