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Bullet Journaling Became My Anxiety Medicine

First of all, I want to say that I'm not trying to downplay the idea of needing medicine to help manage your anxiety. No, I'm simply comparing it. Here's what I mean: When I was first introduced to bulleting journaling a  year ago, I didn't know what to expect out of it. I mean, the… Continue reading Bullet Journaling Became My Anxiety Medicine

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The Semester is Over…Now What?

You've lasted through 5 months of exams, assignments, sleepless nights, caffeine overloads, probably some drinking, a LOT of crying, and stressing eating. Your healthy habits have gone to the wayside. Your hair is probably a week unwashed. BUT, you have taken your exams, and you have passed them (or failed them). What now? What do… Continue reading The Semester is Over…Now What?

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How Do I Manage to Do The Things I Want to Do?

Everyone asks, "Sarah: how do you manage to get everything you want to do done during the day?" The answer I want to give is, "I don't suck, that's why." But, alas, that is a lie. I do suck. Especially in April and November. I'm human, so I do things like procrastinate, whine about my… Continue reading How Do I Manage to Do The Things I Want to Do?